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Space,   Baby

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I’m not doing so well today, or is it tomorrow?

I think it's yesterday.

What’s the difference?

You’re all by yourself. 

Sacrifices: blah, blah ,blah.

This is a room

I wish sometimes I wish I could have this, this feeling. It's like confession - not the religious part of it, but the pure act of it...


Space,   Baby is a multimedia performance inspired by the palate of 1960s scifi film which tells the surreal story of a lone woman searching her galactic memories in an effort to escape the realities of an ever-approaching future. The woman is a rogue astronaut witnessing her own past. She plays multiple versions of herself as seen through the lens of her changing memories. Using a forcefield of sound and imagery, the camp-aesthetic of films such as Barbarella, and the genre-bending of American Astronaut, Space,   Baby is a multimedia performance about regret and forgetting. 



Performer: Catherine Falkner

Digital Media: Flick Harrison

Music: Elliot Vaughan

Direction: elysse cheadle


Photos by Flick Harrison

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