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Good Afternoon, Mrs.Ng-Imesh

MRS. NG: Is it you?

ENGIDU: Yes, it is me.

MRS. NG: I wanted to let you know I received the fabric softener you sent  me in the mail this morning. 

ENGIDU: You did? Yes. Please... You see, I am not technically not supposed to do that Mrs.Nnnngg. But, the thing is, I just couldn’t stop thinking about you after our last conversation...


Created in collaboration with Psyche Theatre, 'Good Afternoon Mrs.Ng-Imesh' was performed at Hive:The New Bees Festival in 2012. The piece, loosely inspired by the epic of Gilgamesh, was presented in the coat check room of an old funeral parlour to an audience of ten at a time. 


The piece was created, and performed by:


Chu-Lynne Ng

Kaylin Metchie 

Eric Wettstein 

elysse cheadle


Performer elysse cheadle

Photo by Jono Kim

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