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Flying Machines


FLYING MACHINES tells the story of Antoine Featherless' short, exhilarating life. Packed in a suitcase at birth and flung from the 1001th floor of the hospital, Antoine falls to the inevitable pavement and transforms to bedrock and landscape.


FLYING MACHINES is an original spoken-word opera, a frothing punk in an unfinished basement, an examination of the weightlessness of dreaming and the gravity of waking,  an affront, and a eulogy for the stratosphere.


FLYING MACHINES is created by pen and eyeball Elysse Cheadle, noiser Elliot Vaughan, charismatic tallman Aryo Khakpour, and jolly lightbox Jonathan Kim.


Performed on the opening night of the Accordion Noir Festival, September 10th at the Western Front 

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