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Mr.Snortoose and the Machine Childrens' Machine

In a world missing all history, the man with a single memory is king. Unfortunately for Mr. Snortoose, his one existing memory disappears whenever he needs to recall it. The community around him - a buncha hollow know-nothin machine children - is growing restless for the past, and the machine they are tirelessly building is threatening unspeakable futures.


Corrupting and misinterpreting text from old newspapers, out-dated medical textbooks, and a couple of well known fables, Mr. Snortoose and the Machine Children’s Machine is an absurd nostalgia retelling a history that never really happened. 

Concept, Text and Direction by: elysse cheadle

with Co-Creators and Performers:

Shannon Lee

Derek Chan

Carmine Santavenerena

Keely O'Brien

Ashley Aron

Manuela Sosa


Music by: Elliot Vaughan

Lighting Design by: Jonathan Kim

Stage Management by: Malena Meneses-Skoda

Performed at the rEvolver Theatre Festival

photo by Dan Borzillo

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