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Death Rides the Mess of a Lost Horse

Using footage from the low-budget sci-fi Mesa of Lost Women,  and 'Spaghetti Western' ​ Death Rides a Horse as inspiration, Death Rides the Mess of a Lost Horse explores genre through ​landscape, gesture, texture, and tone. We play with cinematic framing and editing techniques as well as archetypal narratives and silhouettes. A focus in our exploration is on ignoring the distinction between foreground and background.


Concept and Choreography by: elysse cheadle

Co-Created and Performed by: Robert Azevedo, Annie Therrien Boulos, ​and ​Iris Lau


Source material: ​​


-Text score by Alex Mah​​

-This is East Van, a community photography project Creative Directors Jason Uglanica and Erin Sinclair

-Mesa of Lost Women ​Directed ​by Ron Ormond and Herbert Tevos ​

-Death Rides a Horse ​Directed ​by Giulio Petroni

photo by Sheng Ho

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