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High Water

High Water is coming to the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, February 2020!

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In this playful, resourceful performance, one solitary soul uses consumer products to build entire worlds inside a fish tank, working on the spot against a rising horizon of water. Rockets, cityscapes, satellites and more are created from the interaction of aqua and everyday objects; audiences may never look at clothespins, CDs or turkey basters the same way again. The tank works as an H2O hourglass: as it steadily, inexorably fills, spectators witness an abundance of transformation and destruction, much of which has an eerily familiar feel to it…

Small in scale but vast in its implications, High Water is a testament to human creativity as well as a shrewd commentary on its dangers. Comedic, suspenseful and beautifully executed, it’s a work that asks for our concentration and rewards it amply—the colour, the choreography and the sheer poetry are a thrill for children and adults alike.

Creation and Performance by: Robert Leveroos

Co-Creation and Direction by: elysse cheadle

Music by: Nancy Tam

Lighting by: Jonathan Kim

Stage Management by: Xin Xuan

Dramaturgy by: Kathleen Flaherty

Technical Direction by: Kris Boyd

Movement Consultant: Vanessa Goodman

DEVELOPED in partnership with Presentation House Theatre with Playwrights Theatre Centre’s dramaturgical support. SUPPORTED BY the Canada Council for the Arts, The British Columbia Arts Council.

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