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Big Bang Bang

A composition for slants, hand tools, gravity, and Velcro Piano.

Driven by stubborn curiosity, Big Bang Bang plays irresponsibly with some pretty elemental properties of physics, with (literal) construction and deconstruction, and largely: with the properties of Velcro. We’re going to get loud, get stuck, get inverted, and try to figure out how it all began.

Big Bang Bang is brought to you by an ad-hoc collective of currently local artists interested in live-ness, stickiness, noise, and surprise. The project was initiated by writer/director Elysse Cheadle, and includes: dance artist/deviser Robert Azevedo, maker/performer Keely O’Brien, and composer/sound-maker Martin Reisle.

Created and Directed by: elysse cheadle

with Performers: Robert Azevedo, Keely O’Brien and Martin Reisle

Music by: Martin Reisle

Lighting by: Jonathan Kim

Big Bang Bang was comissioned in 2019 by Upintheair Theatre for The Array

Photo by elysse cheadle

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