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Between Two Rocks 

by Robert Leveroos

Between Two Rocks is a performance inspired by Norse folktale East of the Sun West of the Moon. The work unravels an imagined horizon across harsh and humbling landscapes. On stage, large piles of wool are manipulated through puppetry and video to create characters and environments; it is carded, spun, and woven by five performers. The show features three golden objects used for processing wool, including a pair of spinning wheels repurposed to play music and spin a horizon out of thread.

Created with Elliot Vaughan, Elysse Cheadle, Gordon Havelaar, Linnea Gwiazda, Pascal Reiners, Julie Hammond, Kyla Gardiner, Ben Wylie, Paula Viitanen, Lukas Engelhardt, Xin Xuan Song, Barbara Adler, and Maria Tryti Vennerød. 

Presented at The World Stage Design Festival in Taipei, Taiwan July 2017!


September 2016 at SFU Woodwards

(Presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts.)

See photos from the production here.

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