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Soft Face



We fought about it all, and my sonnet don’t compress at all. And your floating organs is infinitesimal; collapsed; a dense -thick dot inside your watery.

A chunk middle.

A heavey, tidal bits.

And all that weight hits and hits til the side of the wall is silk sand grains, and the side of your bones is dust.


[the TENT MONSTER falls to the side dramatically. The zipper is opened, and hundreds of red balloons spill out. SOFT FACE watches with horror. Everything becomes very quiet and still.]


I’ve been um thinking about– the sea. His thickly shoulders pressed into the– you can still see him here, his small body left a small mark where he–

I’ve been thinking, ever since he couldn’t take the sick, sticky weight of it all and so he– or was it me?– leapt small into the WAIT–
inside the sea. Leaped down-inside the sea!

We forgot him here inside the world.

And ever since,

Beneath the crust,

he waited small to rot and sink.


Pressed into the dirt.


[ SOFT FACE turns off her own lamp. DARKNESS.] 


In September 2012, the gothic-miniature, 'Soft Face' was performed at The Cobalt as part of the annual Accordion Noir Festival.


The piece was created and performed by a high-heeled wearing/accordion slinging Elliot Vaughan and a balloon-smoking/lamp-dancing Elysse Cheadle.


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