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Elysse Cheadle is a theatre maker, performer, writer, and director living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University and is a graduate of Mount Royal University’s theatre arts performance program. Since completing her degree, Elysse has focused on training in contemporary dance, and devised creation practices.


As a theatre-maker, Elysse’s work is driven by a curiosity in objects, an interest in science, the abstraction of dance, and the playful tensions of magical realism. Her theatre plays with layered narratives and rhythmically driven dramaturgy, and attempts to reconcile incongruous genres, characters, images, and texts.


As a performer, Elysse is excited most by highly physical roles, and those which sway into the world of the absurd or extreme.  


Elysse is building a varied career in the arts as a creator, performer, director, writer, dramaturg, producer, administrator, facilitator, and teacher. She continues to seek new opportunities to work collaboratively with artists from different disciplines to create unique pieces of contemporary theatre.

Photo by Elliot Vaughan

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